Feed Your Crop Right

Maximizing your crop’s yield potential goes far beyond N, P, and K. It involves paying attention to details, such as using 100% fertilizer in our mixes and relying on state-of-the-art mixing procedures. By simply not using fillers and using heated water during our blending process, we can achieve a high level of quality and guarantee that you’ll  receive the best blend available.

Not sure what type of fertilizer you need? Stanislaus Farm Supply will willingly send a sample of your soil to one of our partner laboratories for analysis. Once returned, our knowledgeable staff can interpret your soil sample results, and make a personalized recommendation for you based on element deficiencies. Additionally, we are glad to suggest a fertilizer application schedule designed specifically to maximize your crop’s potential.

S.T.E.M. Uses Science in Harmony with Nature

High-quality fertilizers can only do so much, however, if nutrients, water, and the basic elements of soil chemistry are not in balance. That’s why Farm Supply has offered Success Through Environment Management (S.T.E.M.) for nearly 10 years to bring all these pieces together.

S.T.E.M. is not a fertilizer or a silver bullet. It’s a proven fertility program based on five principles that go far beyond N, P, and K:

Soil analysis. You have to know your soil nutrient levels before you can design a plan of action. That’s why we’ve worked with Neal Kinsey, a world-class agricultural consultant, soil scientist and author of the book “Hands-On Agronomy.” Using the Albrecht model of soil analysis, which focuses on nutrient balance, we can help you pinpoint the areas that are lacking in the essential nutrients your crop needs to thrive.
Water quality and its effects on soil. Water is the number-one input in farming, whether it comes from rainfall or irrigation. Did you know it takes about one million gallons per acre here in California to grow a crop? If you don’t know what’s in that water, you can’t control what’s going on in your soil. S.T.E.M. evaluates the mineral content of your water so you can bring nutrients in balance.
Products customized for your operation. Whether you need dry or liquid fertilizer, we can blend a “prescription” that’s custom-fit for your soil’s needs. We use the highest-quality products available to help you achieve the best results.
Precision application. S.T.E.M. eliminates the guesswork. Count on Farm Supply’s precision ag team to provide GPS mapping to apply the correct nutrients to your soil exactly where they are needed.
Advisers with expertise. The basic principles of water and soil chemistry don’t go out of style. Our specialists understand how these factors impact your crop production and can advise you on using the right products, at the right time, in the right amount.

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