SFS Members’ Merger Vote Packet

Dear Member,

In May, you received an announcement regarding the possibility of Stanislaus Farm Supply merging with Valley Wide Cooperative, Inc. (“Valley Wide”) of Nampa, ID. Your Board of Directors and management team at Stanislaus Farm Supply have been in discussions over the past several months and things have progressed very smoothly to the point where we now bring the decision to the membership. Through our discussions we have performed our due diligence and have found Valley Wide to be a very strong cooperative with significant economies of scale and diversified sources of revenue. That said, they are highly focused on delivering benefits to you the members. They hold similar values which focus on supporting members with local representation through a democratic election process of Directors. This ensures that the interests of farmers and ranchers govern your cooperative. The items listed below are the benefits you as a member can expect, as a result of this merger.

• Upon merger, the pay-out of ALL qualified allocated equities (revolving fund).
• Greater size, scale, leverage and increased purchasing power with suppliers.
• Offering new products including propane, energy, and retail products.
• Revenue diversification which reduces risk and supports consistent patronage.

To secure these benefits, a simple majority vote of “YES” is required!

Enclosed with this letter is the official Notice of Special Meeting of Members and Shareholders of Stanislaus Farm Supply to be held in Modesto, CA this month, on June 28th 2024 at 10:00 AM at Harvest Hall, 3800 Cornucopia Way, Modesto , CA. Polls will OPEN at 9:00 AM. and will CLOSE at 3:00 PM. You will also find enclosed an unofficial draft ballot to be used as a sample for you to review and consider in advance. At the Special Meeting of Members, an Official Ballot will be provided for you to cast your official ballot in-person. Per By-laws, voting by proxy is prohibited. Members of the Board of Directors and I will be present to provide further information, instruction or answer any questions, if needed.

Since you stand to gain from the benefits listed above, your Board of Directors and I strongly encourage you to attend in-person and cast your vote to approve the merger. This merger delivers on years of hard work to improve the agricultural cooperative supply system and represents a strategic opportunity for growth and future success! Going forward, the merged cooperative is projected to deliver over $1 BILLION in annual revenues with diversified earnings across Agribusiness, Energy and Retail. By banning together, we unite the power and resources of Ag producers and customers in 6 western states. To learn more about the merger and to watch videos and interviews with both cooperative’s CEOs, please visit www.FarmSupply.com and click on “Cooperative Growth & Merger Update”.

We look forward to seeing you in Modesto!


Nickolas J. Biscay
President & CEO